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Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ

Interested in learning more about the 37 club? Check out our most frequently asked questions below to see if the information you’re looking for is included. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Can I cancel my Subscription to the 37 Club?

Although we ask for a 12 month+ commitment, you may cancel for any reason at any time. Simply contact us at


Which payment methods do you accept?

Payments are made via STRIPE. You can make payment via Debit/Credit Card or GooglePay. Some services/products in the backend may be charged via bank transfer when attached to an invoice.


Is there a way to stay connected to what's going on?

YES. That is why we give a free initial consultation that is a survey. This enables us to keep you in the loop for all that's going on - ONLY THAT WHICH IS RELEVANT FOR YOU - whether you are a young person interested in events, a volunteer looking to work in the youth suicide prevention and entertainment space, or looking for a quote/estimate of a service. We don't intend on bombarding clients with useless mail or advertisements. We want to serve you professionally and add value through the process. Thank you. Also, the 37 Club membership itself gives you access to brand behind the scenes, youth success stories, news/events. The 37 Club sits within the Youth Suicide Prevention & Entertainment space and so content will be relevant towards these two pillars. Get in touch if you have any more queries.

Get in touch to qualify for a free consultation or to answer any other questions you may have.
Thank you again for your support of The 37 Club.
Together we are helping to
Create a Positive Shift in AUS Youth Culture through Music. Art. Wisdom.


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